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Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer

Death By Audio Waveformer Destroyer

his is much more complex and revolutionary than you may imagine. These stomps give you 8 more steps of dynamics and we mean real dynamics. They can be extreme shifts or subtle. You decide. If you want to change the way the blast sounds, change it on the inside. The whole pedal is customizable by 8 DIP switches on the inside of the pedal.

There are overdrive sounds, thick distortion, 60s fuzz, insane gurgling and spurgeling, and the sound is unmatched. This is real, good sounds. This is not a crappy synthesize the sound of a classic combo amp we've all heard before. This is the the new rock and roll. Our parents just don't understand.

Engage: Activates selected effects. True Bypass
Master: Controls the overall output level of the pedal
Boost: A hyper booster/blaster/alterer
Filter: An advanced equalizer filter
Blast: The insanity switchz

Internal Dip (8 two position switches inside the pedal)
There are two internal switches for each stage. ENGAGE/MASTER's switches 1 and 2 change the sound of the entire pedal. Switches 3 - 8 alter the corresponding modifying stages when activated. 3 and 4 affect the BOOST stage, 5 and 6 affects the FILTER stage, 7 and 8 affect the BLAST stage.

 OVER- When both switches are off the entire pedal has extreme sound
 CLIP Clipping diodes on reduce gain
 THIN Only higher frequencies enter no transistor limiting
 FULL Full frequency range bass booster
 DEEP Twin T Filter notch centre frequency normal
 WIDE Deeper notch shifted frequency
 BREAK Full Gain Crazy Intense
 SAW Clipping Diodes Correct Biasing

To change the sound of the entire pedal: First activate the ENGAGE stomp only. The flip the internal switches 1 and 2 until you get the desired sound. These first two switches are crucial to the performance of the entire pedal. (The other two stages are more dynamic when ENGAGE switch 1, 2 or both are in the ON position).

To alter other stages: Activate the ENGAGE stomp and any other combination of stomps. The flick the corresponding switches! Write down your favourite settings!

WARNING: Some options will be crazy!

height ............ 56 mm 
width ............ 118 mm 
depth ........... 144 mm 
weight ............ 20 oz 
current draw .. 16 mA