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SE Electronics X1 USB Condenser Microphone

SE Electronics X1 USB Condenser Microphone

Most USB mics sound like USB mics. With a hand-made capsule and 24-bit 192kHz circuitry, the X1 USB sounds like a real studio.

For most USB mics out there, the mass-produced capsules and sub-standard converters add undesirable color and noise to the sound, resulting in fairly less-than-perfect recordings. We've produced what we believe is the best USB microphone available because we've based it on our best-selling X1 condenser model, complete with the same gold-sputtered capsule and hand-crafted construction.

Why a hand-built capsule?
No matter what you're recording, your microphone is capturing the movement of air. Tiny fluctuations in air density set the capsule's diaphragm in motion, creating the tiniest of electrical impulses, which are amplified by the microphone and sent down an XLR cable to your preamplifier - but it all starts with the capsule's diaphragm.

In short, the capsule is about as delicate an instrument as they come...and hand-built instruments are the best.

We spend a lot of time, money, and energy treating our capsules like fine musical instruments, so they can hear your instruments perfectly.

No Interface Needed
The X1 USB offers the same robust performance as the original X1, but with the added convenience of plugging straight into a USB port on a PC or Mac, negating the need for an audio interface or external power supply.

And with top-of-the-line 24-bit 192kHz conversion built directly into the mic, you can be assured you're getting the best possible output from the hand-built capsule and analog mic circuitry. It's the best of both worlds.

The headphone jack allows for zero-latency monitoring, and a level control on the front of the mic lets you dial in the right volume without an external controller of any kind.

All the features you need.
The mic features a cardioid polar pattern with a bass cut and -10dB pad, and ships with a mic clip as standard. Like the rest of the X1 Series, it also fits snugly into the Isolation Pack if a shock mount is desired.

The X1 USB is equipped with a USB 2.0 connection, and is fully USB 3.0 compatible. As with the rest of the X1 range, the X1 USB has been treated with a matte black finish - so it can easily blend into the background on stage or during video recordings.