Cusack Music Cable Tester


Sort out your bad cables from the good with confidence and ease with the Cable Tester from Cusack Music.

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Sort out your bad cables from the good with confidence and ease!

Solderless cable has become very popular in recent years. The convenience of being able to
just screw a cable together is not without it’s downfall, however. Getting a nice solid
connection using the pins and set screws most brands use can be difficult. This causes a
resistance in the cable that works with the capacitance present in every cable to create a low pass filter, rolling off your high end. Many people use a simple continuity tester to test their cables. While a cable may test good in this manner, it may have excess resistance, something the continuity tester is not checking. An ideal cable will have less than 1O between it’s ends. One could use an ohmmeter to check the cable, but fumbling around with meter leads can be tricky. The Cusack Music Cable Tester is the perfect device to make sure you have a good cable.

Using the Cable Tester is simple. First, plug in power. Next, flip the switch to “Calibrate”, and adjust the knob until the green LED turns off, then back until it just comes on. Flip the switch back to “Use”, and you are ready to start testing cables. Plug each end of the cable into the tester until it clicks once. This tests the tip of the cable. If the light stays on, there is less than 1O, and you are good to go. Push one end of the cable down a second click, and you are now checking the ring to tip connection. The LED should turn off. Plug the other end in to the second click, and you are testing the ring connection. Repeat this for the third click, which is the sleeve.

Small, easy to use, and handy to have, the Cusack Music Cable Tester is the perfect addition to every musician and technicians toolset.

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