Artist Impressions: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

A few weeks back a few friends popped by to play a few pedals from the folks at Old Blood Noise Endeavors. Noise ensued, some of which we managed to tame and edit into what you can now watch. Check out Nick Sowersby from Sunbeam Sound Machine, Dylan Stewart from Iowa and Sean Gage from Foreign/National have a mess around with the Haunt Fuzz, Black Fountain Delay and Procession Reverb from OBNE as part of our new ‘Artist Impressions’ series.

Since filming this video we’ve received shipment of Old Blood’s new Reflector Chorus pedal which unfortunately was unable to make its way onto this video. If you liked some of what you heard then you can check out the range of Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedals here. All the pedals that these guys release are super versatile, and what you see above is just some of what Nick, Dylan and Sean were able to come up with in about 15 minutes each. So make sure you check out the pedals for yourself, there’s heaps you can do in both the weird and conventional sides of the spectrum.

If you liked some of what you heard then chances are you might like some of the bands these guys play in. Check them out on the links below:

Sunbeam Sound Machine: //
Foreign/National: //
Albert Sorensen: //

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