New Roland SPD::One Percussion Pads

Monday 18th of September 2017

After the success of last years “909” day Roland have decided to do a month long online release campaign under the “The Future Redefined” banner. The roll-out of products has started with the SPD::ONE line of electronic drum pads on May 26th, with the next wave of products locked in for the June 1st, June 20th and June 23rd. We’ll be keeping everyone up to date with the new products once they are announced but firstly we wanted to see what these SPD::ONE pads are all about


The SPD::ONE range takes the idea of streamlined digital percussion pads, with each model offering a different sound set. The SPD::ONE Electro takes claps, snares, and percussion from the iconic TR-909 & TR-808 drum machines as well as other Roland devices. Along with the included 22 sounds there is 4GB of internal storage to load your own samples which can be up to five seconds long. You can also add reverb/delay and adjust the tuning of each sample to help give you a variety of tonal options.


The SPD::ONE Kick is designed to be played with drumsticks, hands or feet making it a really easy instrument to incorporate for any kind of musician. This will be really practical for not just drummers, but guitarists, keys players and vocalists looking to add an extra percussive element to a performance.


Boast 22 authentic percussion sounds with a further 12 sound banks to store your own sounds. The SPD::ONE Percussion will fit whole array of percussion sounds in your backpack – perfect for the touring musician, instrumentalists in orchestra pits and for all those applications where there’s just not enough room on stage.


The Roland SPD::ONE WAV Pad takes the sampling power of the other three and makes it the dedicated function. The strength of this unit seems to be in saving whole backing tracks or click tracks for your live performances. With a simple drag and drop format for loading the samples and it’s compact foot print, this could be a substitute for taking your laptop out to shows.

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