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Critter & Guitari are a Brooklyn based company that have been churning out uniquely accessible and portable synthesizers that have been catching notice from novices and pros alike the world over. Chris Kucinski and Owen Osborn are located in the Bushwick neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York and since meeting in college and making Banjo’s have now expanded into their creative range of unique musical instruments and video synthesizers. The entire range has a signature look and construction, with each product designed to extract the utmost creativity from a minimal aesthetic. Their range includes the popular and inventive Pocket Piano, collaborations with Jack White’s Third Man Records such as the Terz Amplifier and the endlessly expandable Organelle and since their beginnings have found their way onto recordings from The Flaming Lips, Bon Iver, Taylor Swift and plenty more. Every product is manufactured in the USA and designed to provide a well-built and intuitive platform for creative exploration. Most importantly though, every product is really, really fun!

Get to know a little bit more about Critter & Guitari on these great videos from Bric TV and Mashable. Otherwise you can browse their range of synthesizers here and guitar amplifiers here or if you live near the store, come by and have a play – they’re a heap of fun and it’s a great way to experience how easy and intuitive they are to create with.

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Now Stocking Critter & Guitari

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