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Roland’s V-Drums are the world’s most popular electronic drums for
one reason: they’re the best. Blending superior sound, authentic feel,
and rugged durability, each kit in the V-Drums lineup performs at the
highest level, a testament to more than three decades of developing
electronic drums. The compact TD-1K is no exception, delivering
respected V-Drums quality in a space-saving kit that keeps up with you
as your playing evolves.

Ideal for everyone that
wants to enjoy drums at home, the TD-1K offers a wide selection of
expressive drum kits for playing any musical style, plus fun onboard
training and recording functions for building your skills and checking
your progress. And as a Roland TD-1K owner, you’re not just starting an
exciting musical journey—you’re also joining the V-Drums family, a group
of discerning players that includes the world’s finest drummers and

  • Acclaimed V-Drums sound and performance in an entry-level set
  • Enjoy drumming in any musical style with 15 expressive drum kits
  • Supports essential acoustic drum techniques, including cymbal choke, advanced hi-hat playing, and more
  • Build playing skills with the onboard Coach function, metronome, and recorder
  • Practice
    along with onboard audio songs or your own tracks played from a smart
    phone or music player connected to the Mix In jack
  • Beater-less kick pedal provides low noise for playing without disturbing others, ideal for practicing at home
  • Space-saving, ergonomic design and stylish looks to suit any room in your home
  • Sturdy drum rack with quick and easy height adjustment for every drummer, from kids to adults
  • Many
    upgrade options for enhanced performance, including OP-TD1C for an
    additional crash cymbal, KT-10 or KD-9 for kick, and more
  • USB-MIDI for using the TD-1K with the DT-1 Drum Tutor, V-Drums Friend Jam series, and other popular computer music software
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation

15 Drum Kits For Playing Any Style Of Music
An acoustic drum kit needs to be set up to play a specific style of music,
so you’re stuck with one type of sound. But that’s not the case with
the TD-1K—it includes 15 quality drum kits on board, so you can play any
kind of music you want at the touch of a button, from rock and blues to
jazz, world music, EDM, and beyond. At one practice session, you can
rock hard with a heavy bottom-end sound, then instantly change kits to
recreate the sound of your favorite band. Every kit reacts just like the
acoustic and electronic kits they emulate, giving you a huge range of
variety in one compact, standalone instrument.

Develop Authentic Techniques With Responsive Pads And Cymbals
drummers avoid electronic drums; worried they won’t play like their
acoustic counterparts. There’s no need for concern with the Roland
TD-1K—it fully supports essential acoustic playing techniques, which is
especially important for beginners to learn to play correctly. Every
drum sound offers a wide dynamic range and natural tone, and the pads
provide a full range of natural expression. Unlike typical entry-level
sets, the TD-1K’s cymbals include the advanced expressiveness found in
all TD-series V-Drums modules, including bow and edge sounds and support
for cymbal chokes. The hi-hat reacts to the nuances of your footwork,
bringing personality and character to your playing. Great drumming is
all about feel, and so is the TD-1K.

Stay Motivated With Onboard Training Functions That Make Learning Fun
right into the TD-1K is a wealth of enjoyable functions to encourage
learning, no matter whether you’re teaching yourself to play, studying
regularly with an instructor, or simply want to keep your skills
polished. Think of this kit as your own live-in drum teacher and
personal backing band, packed with tutorial features that develop
technique, boost motivation, and help you get the most out of practice
time. Play along with the onboard metronome to tighten your timing, and
use Coach mode to build and maintain speed, stamina, and accuracy. Get
ready for your first band by jamming with the internal songs in the
sound module, or connect a smartphone or music player via the Mix In
jack and drum along with your favorite tunes. With the onboard recording
function, you’ll get instant feedback of your progress as well as
quickly capture and playback a new fill or creative groove.

Practice At Home with Headphones And Ultra-Quiet, Beater Free Kick Drum
acoustic drums are extremely loud. Playing them at home is fun for you,
but can be a problem for everyone else around! Quieter operation is a
major benefit of electronic drums, and the Roland TD-1K is particularly
quiet where it counts, thanks to the sound module’s headphone jack and
the noise-reducing design of the snare, tom, and cymbal pads. While many
electronic drum kits annoy the neighbors as the beater strikes the kick
drum, the TD-1K reduces volume with a special beater-less pedal design.
Optional NE-10 Noise Eater units can be used under the kick and hi-hat
pedals to further reduce noise transfer to other rooms below.

Fits In Your Practice Space And Adjusts To Your Playing Style
a supersize acoustic drum kit into your home is a big deal. Do you lose
the spare room upstairs, or try and cram it into your living room? The
space-saving TD-1K is a far more practical choice, fitting into the
tightest living spaces with a stylish, modern look that lets life carry
on around it. For added functionality, the sturdy, ergonomic drum rack
is easily adjustable, allowing the drum positions to be set up for
everyone from children to adults. In addition, the height of each cymbal
and the angle of the snare pad can also be fine-tuned for your comfort
and playing style. The TD-1K is perfect for students, but it’s also a
great choice for an experienced drummer who needs a kit for home
practicing or backstage warm-up.

A Drum Set That Evolves With Your Playing
your playing takes off, you don’t want your drum kit to hold you back.
The Roland TD-1K can grow with you, thanks to a range of optional extras
that let the kit advance with you. You can add an extra cymbal with the
additional OP-TD1C Cymbal Pad, or swap out the standard kick pedal for
the KT-10 or KD-9 models used in Roland’s more advanced V-Drums. With
other accessories including the NE-10 Noise Eater, TDM-3 V-Drums Mat,
and PM-03 Personal Drum Monitor, the TD-1K is an electronic kit that
will go the distance.

Record On Your Computer Using One Standard USB Cable
TD-1K is not just fun to play by itself—it’s also a great way to make
music with your computer. Included is a built-in USB-MIDI interface,
making it simple to communicate with music software via just a USB
cable, with no extra hardware needed. Maybe you’ll transfer your playing
into your computer-based recording software, capturing a live drum feel
in your latest masterpiece. Or perhaps you’ll use Roland’s free V-Drums
Friend Jam series applications, which offer jam tracks, practice
features, and the ability to compete with V-Drums users across the
planet. For more in-depth education, the powerful DT-1 V-Drums Tutor
provides a fun, dynamic platform for learning notation and essential
drum techniques. Whatever application you chose, the TD-1K is a drum kit
that lets you go places.

Simple Operation Lets You Start Rocking In Minutes
you think that electronic drums are complicated, think again—using the
TD-1K is as simple as it gets. With its clear layout, the control panel
lets you access all functions quickly and easily, and you can see info
at a glance with the LED display and the metronome’s flashing tempo

Size and Weight
Width: 800 mm (31-1/2 inches)
Depth: 700 mm (27-9/16 inches)
Height: 1150 mm (45-5/16 inches)
Weight: 11.4 kg (25 lbs. 3 oz.)

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