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Electro Harmonix is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of guitar effects pedals and vacuum tubes. Founded in 1968 by Mike Matthews, this New York based company has been one of the most innovative, influential and pioneering guitar related companies since the beginning of the electric guitar.

Electro Harmonix (or EHX as they’re often known) were the first company to introduce, manufacture, and market affordable state-of-the art “stomp-boxes” for guitarist and bassists, such as the first stomp-box flanger (Electric Mistress); The first analog echo/delay with no moving parts (Memory Man); The first guitar synthesizer in pedal form (Micro Synthesizer); The first tube-amp distortion simulator (Hot Tubes). In 1980, Electro-Harmonix also designed and marketed one of the first digital delay/looper pedals (16-Second Digital Delay).

Explore the range of Electro Harmonix Effects at World of Music

World of Music hosts a huge range of Electro Harmonix pedals to play in store or buy online with free shipping Australia wide including their iconic models of the Big Muff Pi Fuzz, Bass Big Muff, Holy Grail Reverb, Small Stone Phaser, Small Clone Chorus and Micro Pog Octave Generator among many others.


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