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The guitar is one of the most widely played and integral instruments in the evolution of music. With a long evolving history that dates back thousands of years, the guitar has taken many shapes and forms and been a vital instrument in creating the sounds of many genres of music including Blues, Jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, Folk, Country, Punk, Metal, Alternative/Indie, Pop, and just about every sub-genre underneath these umbrella terms. Iconic electric guitar models such as the Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Les Paul, SG & 335 have been found in the hands of countless guitar icons and have helped shaped the sound of popular music in the last 70 years.

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World of Music boast a huge range of electric, acoustic and classical guitars to suit the needs of any guitarist. Whether you’re a beginning student, casual hobbyist or touring professional, our wide range of guitars from brands such as Fender, Gibson, Martin, Maton, Gretsch, Guild, Cole Clark, Epiphone, Squier, Yamaha, Cordoba and many more are sure to help suit many needs. We cater for a diverse range of tastes, so whether you are after a guitar with single coil or humbucking pickups, archtop hollowbody or solidbody, pickup and cutaway or small body travel guitar, please speak with one of our expert staff to help you find the guitar that best suits your needs. If you aren’t able to visit our Melbourne store then please browse the range online and have the piece of mind that we ship all our guitars full insured Australia wide!


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