Strymon Engineering

In their relatively brief history, Strymon Engineering have grown to become one of the most well known names in the world of effects pedals. With their origins in a company called Damage Control that was formed in 2004 to create tube driven effects, Strymon started to take shape in 2009 with a different aesthetic. The ethos of Strymon is to build products with no compromises, pushing the limits of technology in music to redefine what is possible with music gear. Strymon Effects use exceptionally great components and ridiculously powerful processors to make gear that is better than anything you have ever heard.

Explore the range of Strymon Effects Pedals and Power Supplies

Strymon have an extensive and ever growing range of effects and power supplies that are finding their way into the setups of musicians all over the world from not only guitar players, but bass players, electronic musicians, keyboard players and studio engineers alike. Their pedals are based on highly powered DSP’s that allow for not only extremely high sound quality but utmost flexibility. Check out their range at World of Music including the hugely popular El Capistan dTape Echo, Blue Sky Reverb, Flint Reverb/Tremolo, Timeline Delay, Mobius Modulation and more.


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