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Guitar Effects Pedals and Processors

Guitar effects pedals are often the link between taking your direct guitar to amp sound to another level. Whether performing on stage or experimenting in the garage or studio, electric guitar effects pedals and processors can get the absolute most out of your guitar and take your music to another place. Different effects such as overdrive, distortion, fuzz and boost can help sculpt your tone and add dimension and attitude to your sound; time based effects such as delay, echo and reverb can make your guitar sound expansive and modulation and octave based effects such as a phaser, tremolo, chorus, flanger and pitch shifters can add movement or even transfer your sound into something that doesn’t even sound like a guitar any more. Compound all these different sounds with loop pedals and multi-effects and the options for different colours and textures that you can get out of your electric guitar or bass is never ending. Discover the guitar pedals and processors available to buy from World of Music.

Explore the range of Guitar Effects Pedals at World of Music

At World of Music we carry a varied selection of pedals and processors from some of the some of the biggest pedal manufacturers such as Boss, Electro Harmonix, TC Electronic, Strymon, Jim Dunlop and MXR as well as a huge range of boutique pedals from brands such as Earthquaker Devices, Fulltone, Z Vex, Death By Audio, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Walrus Audio, Empress Effects and more. We carry a huge range in store so whether you’re looking for something relatively simple to try out on stage or really want to experiment, we have models to suit any specific needs and our expert staff can help you out find the sound that you’re after. We deliver right across Australia so browse our range of effects pedals and accessories and place your order online with us today.