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When you think of the word pedalboard, the image that comes to mind is that of the Pedaltrain. Their elegant design has become the iconic pedalboard design that allows artists to support, enable, protect, power and transport their tools with ease. Whether you’re a guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, orchestral player, DJ or electronic musician the pedaltrain design fascillitates the creative process to make sure your equipment works as its supposed to, every time. Since their foundation in 1999, the Nashville, TN based company has grown into a global industry leader and their pedalboards can be seen on some of the biggest stages and most well known studios in the world. Due to the ease of their patented design, the range of pedaltrain pedalboards is bost a perfect choice for the globe-trotting professional or the garage beginner.

Discover the Pedaltrain range at World of Music

With a huge range of different sizes and options of gig bag or flight case in their popular Metro, Novo and Classic series, there’s sure to be a Pedaltrain pedalboard that fits your needs. Check out our range at World of Music here with Australia wide shipping or you can pop into our Melbourne store to work out which is going to be the best option for you.

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