Originally conceived by an accident in 1966, the Cry-Baby wah pedal has grown to be one of the most legendary guitar effects of all time. The pedal was designed by Brad Plunkett who at the time was working for the Thomas Organ Company, the wah found its use in trying to emulate the crying tone of a muted trumpet, Clyde McCoy being an early reference point. Now owned by Dunlop Manufacturing, over the years the wah pedal has helped define and revolutionize different genres of music. From the ‘wacka-wacka’ rhythmn of funk to the guitar solos of psychadelic rock the Dunlop Cry-Baby has been immortalized in popular music.

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Since their inception the Cry-Baby Wah has become a staple in many guitar players setups and helped define their distinguished sounds. As well as the classic CB-95 wah, World of Music stock a great range of artist models from Jimi Hendrix, Zak Wylde, Jerry Cantrell, Kirk Hammett, Buddy Guy and more. Browse our range in our Melbourne store or online now!

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