TC Helicon was founded in 2000 after parent company TC Group teamed up with IVL Technologies Ltd. who, at the time, had developed products for professional and amateur musicians. TC Helicon had one singular goal in mind: to provide tools and solutions for the world’s most beautiful instrument – the human voice. Today, TC Helicon is the only pro audio company that is 100% dedicated to the performance needs of singers. Based in Victoria, Canada, TC Helicon is known worldwide for its team of musicians and developers who spend every moment of their working lives listening, talking, singing and interacting with singers and those who share the passion for the singing voice.

Explore the World of Music range of Vocal Effects, Processors and Loopers from TC Helicon

Browse a range of vocal processors such as the VoiceLive floor processor, vocal effect pedals like the wide range of VoiceLive effects and vocal loopers such as the Ditto Mic Looper, all at World of Music.


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