Marshall SV20C Studio Vintage Amplifier Combo


The Marshall SV20C combines the raw power of the 1959SLP and authentic voice of classic rock in a new portable style.

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The Marshall SV20C combines the raw power of the 1959SLP and authentic voice of classic rock in a new portable style. The amp that first defined rock ‘n’ roll in the 60s has been revised for the present day, whilst remaining faithful to the original with its Plexi design and all-valve tone. Still considered a classic by scores of legendary guitarists, the Marshall SV20C lets you play like your heroes on stage, in the studio and at home. The Marshall SV20C is an alternative to the the Marshall SV20H. giving you the same functionality and tone but in the one package.


The look and aesthetic of the ‘Plexi’ amplifiers are arguably one of the most defining features. The name originates from its shiny, Plexiglas panel, commonly used on Marshall amps between 1965-1969. Although many amps are referred to as ‘Plexi’s’ The 100 Watt Super Lead (model number 1959) is most commonly associated with the name.

The popularity for the 100 watt amp exploded through the late 60’s due to the power, tone and sheer volume of the ‘Plexi’. With PA systems still in early production, the massive volume of this amp made it the first choice for guitarists playing large venues. The 68 specification amps were a hit with Jimi Hendrix, Cream and The Who, creating huge amounts of exposure and marking the ‘Plexi sound’ as the sound of rock.


The Marshall SV20C is an all valve handbuilt amp designed and built in the UK, to accurately recreate the classic Marshall tone.


From saturated blues tones to biting leads for classic rock, this is unmistakably a 1959SLP.


Portable and adaptable, the Marshall SV20c Studio Vintage Combo is suitable for the home with the option to switch between 20W and 5W at any time.



Controls:  Low/High power mode selection switch, presence, bass, middle, treble, high treble/loudness I, normal/loudness II
Wattage:  20 Watts (with power reduction option to 5w)
Inputs:  4 (2 x high, 2 x low) “Lead and Bass”
Channels:  1
Outputs:  2 x 1/4″ jack speaker, selectable 16Ω / 8Ω / 4Ω load
Weight:  15.9kg
Effects:  N/A
Speakers:   1×10″ Celestion V-type 10” (16Ω, 50W)
Preamp Tubes:  2 x ECC83, 1 x ECC83 (phase splitter)
Power Tubes:  2 x EL34
Effects loop:  Yes, Series, Send/Return
Acessories/Cover:  Detachable power cable included

Marshall amps are covered by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Amp tubes are covered for 90 days by manufacturer warranty.

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Quite often, something perceived as a fault is as simple as a faulty cable or power issue so we always suggest checking over Frequently Asked Questions on the manufacturer website first. It can be a helpful approach to getting to the bottom of a problem and save you a lot of time in getting your gear back up and running!

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